How to Automatic Spam on Whatsapp, Use it to Prank Your Friends!

How to Automatic Spam on Whatsapp, Use it to Prank Friends! - If you want to send a lot of messages automatically on WhatsApp , you can do the following trick for spam chat whatsapp. How to bomb chat whatsapp ? Here TumesKecil give you the article about how to spam whatsapp friends.

You usually spam chat when you need the other person to talk quickly. In addition, sometimes when you fell so bored, spam also becomes an alternative to fill the boring with this whatsapp prank chat tricks.

Maybe if you want to spam chat or bomb chat to WhatsApp friends, you manually type the words like "ping" or "p" repeatedly.

But actually this method is less efficient because spam on WhatsApp can be done automatically. You can do spamming on WhatsApp (bomb chat whatsapp) automatically so you don't have to tired anymore to spam your friends on WhatsApp.

How to Automatic Spamming Whatsapp, Use it to Prank Your Friends!

Just one click, messages one by one will be sent to the intended contact according to the number of messages you want without feeling a sore thumb pressing on the keyboard. Even, this whatsapp spam tricks can be up to Wow!

How to Automatic Spam on WhatsApp

What you need :

  • An android (no root/rooted) with internet
  • Labalabi for whatsapp
  • Official whatsapp app that has been installed on your android phone

Follow these steps on how to spam on WhatsApp:

1. Download the Labalabi For WhatsApp apk here and instal the app

2. If the Terms and Conditions Agreement appears, click ACCEPT. If it doesn't appear, click "Go to Accessibility Settings"

how to message bomb wa

3. Activate Labalabi For WhatsApp accessibility. Then go back to the Labalabi For WhatsApp main page

Automatic way of spam wa

4. Select the WhatsApp contact that you want to spam

How to spam wa

5. Check the "Accept Terms and Condition Agreement" > then click ACCEPT

automatic spam one by one wa

6. -Type the message that you want to spam in the "Msg" section
    -Select the amount of spam
    -There are several options provided, I prefer not to select it.
    -Click SEND in the lower right corner

how to spam whatsapp

7. Wait until the process is complete. If you accidentally press the back button, the spam will stop.

8. This is the appearance of my spam as many as 10 messages.

how to make spam on WhatsApp

Last Words

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